what does grain free mean?

This site is my contribution to grain-free living as I see it. No longer is the ubiquitous “GF “to indicate Gluten Free. This site is for the brave, the few, the truly GrF.

For my application GrF means 95% grain free. I exclude all grains except for minuscule percentages of rice. That means: no wheat, no corn, no amartanth, no quinoa, no millet, no barley, no rye, etc.. and I also exclude potatoes(for the truly brave).

My own reason for goign GrF:

I was found to have Gluten intolerance and after eliminating all gluten I felt much better. Then I decided..hmmm lets go for total health and I said I’d exclude all grains for awhile and see how that felt. The difference was amazing. I feel brighter, certainly lighter(70 pounds and counting) sharper and more “with it” My attention span is far longer then it ever has been and my energy levels are skyrocketing (and I have a 16 month old!). After having the baby I was unable to loose weight despite Hurculean efforts(running and walking 4-8miles a day), breastfeeding and eating 1400 calories a day. Not a pound! The week I went GF I lost 4 pounds of bloat and haven’t looked back since.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Grain Free living!

I am Gluten free for life but now go grain free on a rotation basis. During down time I allow corn and rice, although I always look for the GrF Alternative. I go GrF for three months at a time.


One response to “what does grain free mean?

  1. Maybe you can help us? My mother is 79 yrs old and working at being grain free. She was very allergic to wheat and most grains many yrs ago and was off the wheat for 3 yrs then began a rotation diet, which she did fairly well with but never felt great. After hearing Know The Cause with Doug Kauffman on tv who touts no grains at all to rid the body of fungus, my mom has gone grain free. It has been about 4-6 weeks we calculate. She is feeling good, but has been feeling faint. Not dizzy, just like she could faint. She is eating lots of veggies, a little fruit, nuts and eggs and dairy, very little meat. Any ideas? Thanks so much for any input you might offer.

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